Miss Daisy here!  I see you as an opportunity for the love and attention I deserve! During the week, I sleep and anxiously await the moment for my next walk.  I love my walks, but I will also tell you – in no uncertain terms – when I want to go home!  I can be very stubborn, and … SQUIERREL !!! No seriously I just saw one and had to chase! I’m back.. now where was I? Never mind, I’m gonna go find that me that Squirrel!!

I was found in the middle of the desert, pregnant.  I had seven (7) puppies and each one looked different. One looked like a Jack Russel Terrier with my face and another was twice my size at four months?!  Whenever it is hot outside I do still like to go to the playground, dig a hole and put my belly in it.

Even though I had some really hard times when I was younger, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.  I have the best life ever!  I get to greet lots of people every week and see their smiling faces when they pet me.  I’m so blessed to be an AirPAWS dog – I LOVE IT!

Name:  Daisy
Sex:  Female
Breed:  Shar-Pei and Terrier Mix
I’ve been greeting Passengers since May, 2021.