ARF - Animal Relief Fund

Emergency Vet Care Application

OC Animal Allies may provide financial assistance to low-income Orange County pet owners, such as the elderly and disabled whose pets need emergency veterinary care.

Financial assistance is for emergency critical care of pets of low-income Orange County pet owners only. When we pledge to pay for vet care, we make a contribution towards the estimated cost of treatment. In addition to the application, you must submit an estimate from the animal hospital. We also require that you contact other animal welfare organizations to ask for additional assistance. It is possible to receive pledges from several groups to help pets in these situations. If your application is approved, OC Animal Allies will pledge to pay a small portion towards emergency treatment. A pledge letter confirming our contribution will be sent to the vet and they will bill us for that amount. OC Animal Allies makes payments directly to the animal hospital. We do not make contributions towards an outstanding balance for treatment already provided, so please do not apply for a balance due. We can not pledge if the balance was already paid with a credit card and you are attempting to be reimbursed. We can not help an applicant more than one time per year, and we can not help every case. Please be aware that OC Animal Allies is a local non-profit organization, it is not part of a national charity or government organization and funds come from public donations. Please note that in order to keep you aware of OC Animal Allies’s ongoing work with animals in need, we will add you to our email list to receive emails approximately once per month.

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OC Animal Allies is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting Orange County families and their animals. We are funded solely by the generous donations of individuals and corporations in the community that we serve.

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