Pet Assistance Resources

Adoption, Rescues, Lost & Found Pets

Shelters and Rescues

OC Animal Allies does not have a shelter nor operate a rescue. If you are looking to adopt a pet, there are endless shelters and rescues you can contact. Please check out our Orange County Shelters page to find your city’s shelter.

If you are looking for a rescue group to adopt from, the internet is a good resource to search for rescues. Some rescues are specific to the species such as dogs, cats, and rabbits while some rescues are breed specific.

Shelters and Rescues

Lost and Found Pets

When you Discover that your Pet is Missing:

  • Search all areas in and around your house, yard, and neighborhood for several blocks and even miles in all directions.
  • Make flyers to post around the neighborhood and at local businesses such as pet supply stores and veterinarian offices. Other businesses may also let you post flyers such as schools, libraries, or other public places. Always ask for permission to post a flyer before doing so. On the flyer, include a photo, description, pet’s name and your phone number or contact info.
  • Make sure you tell neighbors that your pet is missing. Word of mouth is important in spreading the word. Plus, tell your mail carrier and other routine delivery persons to be on the look out for your lost pet.
  • Physically go down to the local animal shelters to look for your pet as well as check each shelter’s website postings for found pets.   It is important to physically check your local Orange County Shelter because your pet may look different in his or her picture or may be listed incorrectly as a different breed on the shelter website. Keep in mind that animals can travel far from your home because they can run long distances. Also, for instance, a cat may jump in a delivery truck and get relocated out of the area or a person may pick up your lost pet and take them out of your area. Therefore, be sure to check not only the shelter in your immediate area but surrounding areas as well. In addition, most shelters have a “Lost Pets” registry or bulletin board. And, check with each shelter for a record of animals dead on arrival.
  • Check Craigslist and your local newspaper’s classifieds for “Found Pets” and put a “Lost Pet” listing in each of these resources. (Craigslist has both a pet section and lost & found section that you can post for a “Lost Pet.”)  Check Craigslist and the newspaper daily for a few months. It is not uncommon for a pet to be lost for a while before someone find’s them or posts an ad.
  • Remember, you should always make sure your pet has current identification in the event he or she is lost. Your pet should wear a collar at all times with your current information and please microchip your pet. Microchipping will allow pet to be returned to you in the event their collar and pet tag are removed while they are lost.

What to Do if you Find a Pet

  • If the pet you found has a collar with identification, call the phone number on the pet’s identification tag.
  • If you are in a position to take the pet to a veterinarian’s office, take the pet and get the pet scanned for a microchip. If the pet has a microchip, the veterinarian can call the owner and let them know you have their pet.
  • If the pet you found does not have a collar with identification or microchip, immediately contact local shelters and report that you have found an animal. The first place a pet owner is likely to look for their lost pet is at the local shelter.
  • Post “Found Pet” flyers in and around the neighborhood you found the pet. Include pet description and your contact number or info.
  • Run a “Found Pet” ad on Craigslist and your local newspaper.