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ARF – Animal Relief Fund 

Bridging The Gap Between Financial Hardship And Pet Care.

OC Animal Allies financially assists low-income Orange County pet owners, such as the elderly and disabled, through our two aid programs offered under our Animal Relief Fund (ARF).

Our voucher program helps pet owners by offering discounts for spay/neuter surgeries at our participating veterinary hospitals and clinics. By promoting the health benefits associated with spaying and neutering, and making this procedure financially within reach for low-income individuals and families, we hope to reduce the number of unexpected litters being born and then abandoned outside or relinquished to already overcrowded shelters.

Our financial aid for critical care helps low income residents with the unexpected veterinary costs associated with emergency care. By offering assistance to offset all or a portion of necessary procedures to bring their pet back to health we help pet owners keep their beloved pets in their homes without the added worry of facing financial distress.

For more information on the ARF program, please contact us at info@OCAnimalallies.org.

ARF By The Numbers:

Nearly 1500 pets assisted with Spay & Neuter in 2022

More than 150 pet owners assisted with critical veterinary care in 2022

Need Help?

If you are in need financial assistance for your pet:

Emergency Vet Care Assistance

Through our ARF (Animal Relief Fund) program, OC Animal Allies may provide financial assistance to low-income Orange County pet owners, such as the elderly and disabled whose pets need emergency veterinary care.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Vouchers

If you are unable to cover the costs of spay/neuter surgery, OC Animal Allies offers a discount voucher program through our ARF (Animal Relief Fund) to low income individuals and families living in Orange County, California.

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