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OC Animal Allies provides assistance with emergency or critical veterinary care. If you are currently in need of financial assistance, please carefully read the following guidelines before applying to learn more about our assistance program.

  • We require a completed application for pet assistance consideration. Completion of of the application, including applying for Care Credit, is required before the application is reviewed.
  • We typically prioritize life-threatening cases. We do not assist with routine veterinary care such as vaccinations, dental cleanings or flea treatment.  Unfortunately, in most cases we are unable to pledge towards chronic ongoing conditions such as diabetes or cancer.
  • We do not contribute towards an outstanding balance for treatment already provided, so please do not apply for a balance due.
  • We do not pledge towards unpaid balances for reimbursement.
  • Due to limited funds, we are only able to help once a year per family and we are not able help every case.
  • Our pledges do not cover the complete treatment plan so it is the responsibility of the pet owner to raise the remaining funds.

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If you are in need financial assistance for your pet, please click the appropriate button below for our application process:

ARF - Animal Relief Fund

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We are a local independent organization and do not receive any government funding.  We are dependent on the financial support from people like you.

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