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Helping Kids - Canine Literacy Program

OC Animal Allies PAWS volunteers embrace new ways to help the Orange County Communities we proudly serve.  We welcome requests from new facilities, schools and organizations looking to bring the magic of pet therapy to their location.

The goal of OC Animal Allies’ award-winning Canine Literacy Program is to help reduce the anxiety students feel when reading aloud, improve reading fluency and reading comprehension skills, build self-esteem and confidence and to simply make reading fun.

Studies have shown that petting a dog lowers both blood pressure and stress levels. This same response occurs in the reading session, helping children to reduce stress while reading aloud.  Many students use one hand to pet the dog and the other hand to hold their book while reading to the dog who offers a calm, accepting and nonjudgemental ear. This unique experience is a wonderful way to motivate students and establishes marked and lifelong improvements in reading, speaking and comprehension.

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