PAWS Entry Exam

Welcome to your PAWS Entry Exam. Take your time and check your answers before selecting them.

You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. Your time remaining is shown on the top section of your browser bar.

  • IMPORTANT! Once you have selected an answer you may not go back and change your response.
  • Your test will be graded "in real time"! This means that you will receive a response after selecting each answer for correct or incorrect.
  • If you select an incorrect answer, please be sure to read the Correct Answer Info so that you know why your response was incorrect.
  • Some Questions require you to "check all that apply". In this case, you may select and change your answers and will not receive a response until after the exam.

Be patient- it takes a few seconds for the system to return a response to your answer. Wait until you receive your response before proceeding to the next part of the quiz.

Good Luck!



Phew! You're all finished and have completed the exam. You may now hit SUBMIT if you have not already done so.

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