Living the poodle life!
About Me

My name is Paulette Valentine but of course everyone knows me as Paulie! I'm sassy but charming because, well I'm fancy! My registered name is "Rock the Dots" because it's what I do best. My favorite thing to do is bring all the smiles and love to you in a nice small package.  In spite of my small size I have lots to give! I hope to meet you next time you're in the terminal- in fact I insist on it!

When I'm not doing my therapy dog gig, I', living my best Poodle life ever with my mom and two brothers, Seely and Turbo. But bringing smiles is my true calling so I stay pretty busy with that!

Name:  Paulie
Sex:  Female
Breed:  Poodle

I've been greeting Passengers since May, 2024