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Patriot's Story

Patriot is the official mascot of Orange County Animal Allies. Sadly however, this beautiful blue eyed Siberian Husky had a very rough start that nearly ended his life. The signature markings left around his face and muzzle are what remains from cruel abuse. At only 12 weeks of age in the summer of 2012, he was permanently scared by his abuser who deliberately wrapped his mouth tightly shut with metal wire and severed part of his tongue. While we will never understand why this could happen to such a young and innocent puppy, we are grateful that he was able to be rescued from a life of cruelty.

Patriot was rescued by Husky Camp Siberian Rescue, where he was taken in as a foster by Kevin Marlin, our Executive Director. There he received life saving treatment for both his physical and his mental wounds. Through love, patience and months of training and socializing, Patriot was able to overcome his abuse and the fears that come from it and now proudly serves as a symbol of resilience, survival and hope. While some animals have invisible scars, Patriot wears the memory of his abuse in the form of the signature scars circling his muzzle. Now he uses those scars to remind people of the hope and good that can come from love and care.

In addition to representing Orange County Animal Allies at numerous public events, Patriot has been a long-time member of the OC Animal Allies’ PAWS pet therapy program, where he spreads cheer and love, warming the hearts of those who meet him and hear his story. His courage was the inspiration in helping to bring new programs to OC Animal Allies, including the PANDA victim assistance program with the Orange County District Attorney.

Patriot or “Pater Tot” as he was nicknamed by the children he visits, was named to represent his new life of freedom, and for his Red and White coloring and Blue eyes. His revenge against his abuser comes from the satisfaction of having a wonderful, meaningful and a bit spoiled life- something his abuser tried to prevent. Patriot has moved on past his abuse and other than being a somewhat messy eater from the damage to his mouth and tongue, has seemingly made a full recovery.

Be on the lookout for Patriot and his friends at John Wayne Airport, where he regularly greets passengers as part of our AirPAWS Program. If you would like to have Kevin and Patriot come and speak at your Corporate or Professional Business, please contact us.