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Spay And Neuter Discount Vouchers

If you are unable to cover the costs of spay/neuter surgery, OC Animal Allies offers a discount voucher program to low income individuals and families living in Orange County, California.

Please note that there are many low cost animal hospitals and clinics in and around Orange County that offer spay or neuter surgeries at very affordable prices.  Complete basic surgeries for male cats start at around $225 and basic surgeries for female cats less than $300 excluding complications.  For dogs the surgery prices are largely dependent on weight and age. For a small dog (5-20 pounds) prices start around $280 for a male, and $350 for a female, excluding complications and any required additions such as pain medications, blood tests, etc. Veterinary pricing is rapidly increasing and may change without notice. You should always call to confirm current prices and any additional expenses to make sure you are getting the “out the door” or total complete cost of the procedure. Remember that there may be additional items required by the veterinarian and may not be declined. These additional items include bloodwork, IV Fluids or medications needed to help ensure your pet is safe and comfortable. Optional items such as microchipping, nail trim, fecal exam, etc. are not required and may be declined.

If you feel you still cannot cover the cost of the surgery, you may apply for assistance with our discount vouchers using one of the options below.
Please note that our discount vouchers:

  • Are ONLY accepted at our contracted and approved hospitals and are non-transferrable
  • Generally cover most of the cost of a basic spay or neuter surgery. A basic spay surgery involves removing the reproductive organs while the pet is under anesthesia.
  • Do NOT cover any additional costs associated with conditions which complicate the surgery such as if the pet is in heat, has tumors or an undescended testicle, or is obese.
  • Larger dogs, especially at and over 45 pounds will incur additional charges for anesthesia and surgery.
  • Brachycephalic dogs, and some breeds of cats such as Boxers, Pugs, Bulldogs, Persian Cats, Himalayan or Burmese Cats will be charged additional fees for anesthesia.
  • Do NOT cover additional services, procedures or tests which may be required or recommended by the veterinarian. These may include, but are not limited to, office exams and deposits, pain and antibiotic injections, IV catheter, or take home pain medications and/or an e-collar.
  • Pre Surgical Blood Tests or Senior CBC bloodwork for older dogs and cats are strongly recommended and may be required by the hospital to ensure your pet is healthy and able to have surgery. These tests are not covered by our voucher and if required, may not be declined.

There are no “Free” spay and neuter programs in Orange County. If you qualify for on of our voucher programs, you should expect to have some out of pocket costs for your surgery. 

Pets must be current on vaccinations to be eligible for spay and neuter. If your pet is not current on vaccinations, you will not be eligible for some of our hospitals and voucher programs so plan ahead and get your pets vaccinated now.
For low cost Vaccinations, we recommend:
Vet Care Pet Clinic at 1-800-988-VETS
or HEART 4 Pets

Applications for vouchers are filled on a first come, first served basis for qualified applicants. Vouchers are limited to a maximum of 2 per household, and are not issued to rescue groups, fostered pets or animals you have adopted through shelters or rescue organizations. Not all applicants will be approved.

If you have received an unaltered pet from a rescue or shelter, please go back to them for assistance – it is not only their responsibility, it is their obligation!

NOTICE: Surgical appointments for spay or neuter surgeries, particularly at lower cost hospitals are often booked out a minimum of 6-8 weeks, with some hospitals not having available appointments for 3 to 4 months.

If you are in need of an immediate surgical appointment, you will very likely have to pay a much higher cost at another hospital as our voucher will not be able to assist you. Be patient and respectful with the hospitals and make your appointment as soon as you receive your voucher.

Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinics

We are holding ongoing clinics for dogs 40 pounds or less and domestic cats.
Qualified very low income applicants are eligible to apply for these special vouchers.

In addition to income and eligibility qualifications, applicants MUST meet these requirements in order to be eligible:

  • DOGS– Must be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella
  • CATS – Must be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies and FVRCP. FeLV is recommended but not required
  • You will need to provide COPIES IN ADVANCE of all required vaccinations.
  • DOGSMust be 40 pounds or less AND not more than 29 inches long measured from the nose to the base of the tail.
  • Must not be a Brachycephalic breed or mixed breed, such as Boxers, Pugs, or Bulldogs  (Weight and size of Pet will will verified prior to surgery date. Due to size constraints, dogs who are over the size or weight limit will not be eligible to receive surgery at our mobile clinics.

You will not be scheduled for surgery unless you pet is current on vaccinations.


We will notify you of being pre-approved for one of our clinics and our partner, HEART 4 PETS  will contact you directly to finalize arrangements.

PLEASE be sure to answer their call or text, and call them back as soon as possible or you will not be scheduled!

We approve more applicants than we have space for, so applicants who do not respond for scheduling within 90 days will be dropped and must reapply.

Costs for approved applicants:

  • All approved applicants are required make a $50 Deposit at the time surgery is scheduled
  • Copayments (day surgery is performed) for dogs range from $75 to $150
  • Copayments (day surgery is performed) for cats range from $50 to $100
  • Due to special arrangements with our partner, there will not be additional charges for complications (such as hernias, deciduous teeth removal, dew claws, in heat, etc.) or any other added procedures and care.
  • Microchipping is required if your pet does not already have one and will be done for the special price of $15 at the time of surgery. 

You will be informed of your total expected costs when you are approved.


All applicants must meet strict qualifications for hardship and circumstance and some applicants will not qualify or receive a response.

If you do not receive a response or your pet does not qualify, you may reapply during our regular application enrollment on the First Friday of each month at noon.

Applications are being accepted for Small Dogs and Cats with out Partner HEART 4 Pets.

Please note this application is only for our mobile clinics. Do not complete this application for our regular vouchers as you will be denied and will not receive a response.

Failure to provide proof of current vaccinations for your pet will cause significant delays and may result in denial of your application.

If you do not qualify or receive a response you will need to reapply on the first Friday of the month for our regular spay and neuter voucher.
We do not maintain a waiting list. Applications are accepted until appointments are filled.

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