PAWS Therapy Dogs

Special Events Program

Whether scheduling a high-intensity planning session or just looking for a break in the day-to-day grind, the OC Animal Allies PAWS Therapy Dogs can help.

Corporate Wellness – Virtual Visits!

Are you looking for a fun, original way to enhance teamwork and improve morale during these times of isolation? Are your morning Zoom video conference meetings in need of something fun and unique? OC Animal Allies Virtual Visits will bring therapy dogs to your next Zoom meeting for a special “crash” visit, waking up those sleepy meetings and bringing some joy and cheer to your virtual office. Employees will feel renewed and refreshed after they engage with our pups and volunteers, breaking the monotony of the days that never seem to end!


Virtual Student Stress Relief

We haven’t forgotten about our students! Are you looking for a special surprise for your Elementary or High School video classroom to help calm the your nerves and bring some fund and excitement to online studying? We are here to help! With the COVID-19 lockdown, dozens of classroom visits that our teams normally attend have been cancelled. We’d love to help educators engage their SDC and standard education students with the help of a furry friend or two! Class sizes should be limited to 30 or fewer students, and we are happy to work with you to help tailor the visits to your needs.


To see if we might be able to bring our OC Animal Allies PAWS Therapy Dog teams in to your next Corporate video conference or online classroom , please fill out an application for your event.

Please allow minimum of 2-3 days’ notice for your event. While we will try to accommodate incoming requests, we may be unable to attend all events due to high demand.

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