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Financial Aid Organizations

Our ARF (Animal Rescue Fund) has limited funds available to help low-income pet owners with vet bill. Please see our Emergency Vet Care assistance page for more information or to see if you may qualify for medical financial assistance.

If you are looking for financial assistance, especially for larger bills and more critical treatment, you will need to secure several assistance from additional organizations. Please know that each organization has its own application process. Many require financial documents to verify financial hardship. Most groups will not reimburse you or make a pledge if the veterinary care has already been completed and you have an outstanding bill. It is best to contact each group and find out what their process is and to see if your case may qualify. Please note that no organization will cover 100% of the cost for your pet’s urgent care.

OC Animal Allies is not directly affiliated with any of the organizations listed here. This list of resources is provided for you as a courtesy. Applying does not ensure pledge approval or assistance.

Helpful Resources for Financial Difficulties:
This website has many ideas for out-of-the-box ways to fund your pet’s care:

Care Credit – 0% Interest credit card to be used as payment for veterinary bills
Apply online here:
(800) 677-0718, Callers must be at least 21 years old. Press 1 for English, press 2 to apply for a line of credit, press 1 again stating you have received a copy of their credit card agreement, otherwise you will not be able to apply:
*It is best to ask for double the amount of what you think you will need to care for your pet.

ScratchPay – 0% Interest Short and Long Term Loans for veterinary bills
Apply online here:
(855)727-2395  Short term credit breaks payments down into 5 payments due two weeks apart. Longer terms available, interest rates and terms vary by applicant.
*It is best to ask for double the amount of what you think you will need to care for your pet in the event that treatment costs exceed estimates.

Animal Assistance League of Orange County
If case is urgent, send an email to with the word “URGENT!” in the subject line. They will send you their application.
(714) 891-7387

Saddleback Valley Humane Society (for people residing in the 949 and 714 area codes only)
Leave a message on their hotline.
(949) 262-5859

The Ozzy Foundation

Actors & Others for Animals
MUST COMPLETE ONLINE APPLICATION. Read their guidelines here:
If you qualify based on their guidelines, fill out their application here:
(818) 752-6725

Voice for the Animals
Will make $50 pledge even after treatment has been performed as long as pet is still at the animal hospital. Call and leave a detailed message with where the pet is, and what treatment is needed. They do not pledge for diagnostics like x-rays or blood work. They will pledge for treatment and medications.
(310) 392-5153, ext. 1

Frosted Faces Foundation
For SENIOR PETS ONLY! MUST complete online application. Can not donate towards diagnostics like hospitalization, blood work, x-rays, or MRI. However, they are able to donate towards surgeries and other treatments and medications.
Call Kelly at (715) 574-6320, or

Save Our Strays
(714) 442-1446

The Mosby Foundation
FOR DOGS ONLY! They are not equipped to handle emergencies due to their application process. They can’t help with diagnostics and dentals, and they do not pay for surgery or treatment that has already been performed. Check out their financial aid program here:
If they have funds available, you must complete their pre-qualification app here:
(540) 885-2260

Rose’s Fund
MUST COMPLETE ONLINE APPLICATION. Can make a donation for a pet or stray animal suffering from a life-threatening illness, injury, or condition. Can NOT help with dental care, spay/neuter, routine medical care, vaccinations, or cancer diagnosis or treatments.
(877) 505-4234
Funding guidelines and application:

Starfleet Canine Aid Foundation
For dogs only! MUST COMPLETE ONLINE APPLICATION. Can make a donation for an unforeseen medical illness or injury which requires treatment. Can NOT make a donation towards routine veterinary care (spay/neuter, vaccines, dentals) or diagnostics (x-ray, MRI).

Bow Wow Buddies Foundation
For dogs only! Applicants can apply for a grant up to $2,500 and up to 30 days AFTER a procedure has been done, as long as the bill has not been paid yet. Funds cover necessary medical treatments for certain conditions and emergency services. Not available for spay/neuter, dental work, preventative care, ongoing treatments or end of life care.

Onyx & Breezy Foundation
Go online to read about their requirements and download and fax an application. Read their guidelines here:
If you qualify based on their guidelines, fill out their application here:

Red Rover aka United Animal Nations
MUST complete online application. Can donate to animals suffering from a life-threatening illness or injury. Can NOT donation towards diagnostics (x-rays, blood work, MRI), routine care (spay/neuter, vaccines), or chronic conditions (diabetes, cancer treatments). Eligibility guidelines and application here:
(916) 429-2457

STARelief and Pet Assistance
Can assist with expenses related to emergency medical care, emergency boarding, spay/neuter, routine medical care (vaccines, microchip, etc.), and end-of-life services.
(203) 636-0971

Angel Fund Grant Program
Financial help for sick or injured companion animals.
The Animal Hospital needs to be a member of the SCVMA. In order to check what vets are members, please click here and type in your zip code to do a search:

Friends & Vets Helping Pets
(859) 309-2043

Brown Dog Foundation

Pets of the Homeless
Nation-wide animal organization focused completely on feeding and providing emergency veterinary care to pets of homeless people.
(775) 841-7463

The following is a list of organizations that provide funding for specific health conditions or diagnoses:

The Pet Fund
For chronic health issues like cancer or heart disease. Not for emergency cases.

Frosted Faces Foundation
For SENIOR PETS ONLY! Must complete online application. Can help on a repeated basis for chronic issues like diabetes, heart condition, etc.
Call Kelly at (715) 574-6320, or

Magic Bullet Fund
Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment in dogs

Diabetic Cats In Need

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