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OCCATS Feral Cat Management Program

Improving Orange County Communities By Helping To Manage Community And Stray Cat Populations

Our OCCATS (Orange County Cares About Cats) program provides feral fix spay/neuter vouchers and resources for trap-neuter-release (TNR).

All feral cats living in our Orange County community today are descendants of once owned domestic cats that were abandoned. It only takes one generation of living outdoors for cats to become fearful of humans and unaccustomed to our touch, making it very difficult for them to become cuddly family pets once again.

Our solution to the ever-increasing feral cat population in Orange County is twofold: First, OC Animal Allies offers our low cost spay/neuter program to cat owners making it easier for them to keep their pet cats indoors while also preventing unwanted litters that may be abandoned outside.  Second, OC Animal Allies is part of the trap-neuter-return (TNR) process, which is recommended by feral cat advocacy groups as the most humane way to manage community cat colonies.

Our OCCATS Feral Fix program offers information and resources to Orange County regarding feral cats and supplies vouchers that enable them to spay/neuter a captured feral cat before it is returned to its colony.  This provides benefits to both the resident and the cat.  A fixed cat will be less likely to get injured in fights and will not continue to endlessly give birth to kittens, increasing its chances of having a longer and healthier life.  A fixed cat also means less noise and fewer cats over time.

For more information on the OCCATS program, please contact us at info@OCAnimalAllies.org

OCCATS By The Numbers:

Over 1300 cats trapped, spayed/neutered and released

Did You Know? One spayed cat can prevent the birth of over 11,000 kittens over the course of 5 years

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OC Animal Allies is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting Orange County families and their animals. Our dedicated feral cat TNR clinics and vouchers are funded solely by the generous donations of individuals and corporations in the community that we serve. Donate today to support and sponsor out vital community programs!