We Are Here To Help You And Your Pet

With a focus on helping to serve the community of Orange County, California, OC Animal Allies has gathered resources to help with getting you information and support for you and your animals.

The focus of OC Animal Allies is to help and serve the community of Orange County, California.  We gather resources and acquire information with the aim of offering support to you and your animals. Our innovative programs provide solutions for spay and neuter, emergency financial support, education and other resources.

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Ways We Help

Low Cost Spay and Neuter

Our ARF (Animal Relief Fund) Spay and Neuter program assist low-income pet owners who cannot afford this health procedure by providing discount vouchers and access to mobile clinics.

Emergency Vet Care Assistance

Our ARF (Animal Relief Fund) financial assistance program provides aid to low-income residents of Orange County to offset the veterinary costs of treating critical injuries or life threatening conditions.

Feral and Stray cats

Our OCCATS (Orange County Cares About Cats) program offers resources and education to those wanting to help control the feral cat and stray cat population living in our communities.

Need Pet Food?

Our NEB (No Empty Bowls) program partners with local outreach organizations to stock their pantries with pet food to distribute to residents going through financial hardship.

Other Resources:

Your City Shelter

The shelters that serve the residents of Orange County can be confusing. Visit our Orange County Shelters page if you need information on which animal shelter services your city and where to go for licensing and lost pet information.

Other Financial Resources

If you are looking for additional resources to help cover the costs of emergency veterinary care there are a number of other financial aid organizations with assistance programs.

Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics

You may be surprised to find that there are several locations that offer affordable low cost veterinary care to the public.

Support OC Animal Allies

OC Animal Allies is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting Orange County families and their animals. We are funded solely by the generous donations of individuals and corporations in the community that we serve.

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